Webpage and Mobile apps Design Course for Beginners (Online Zoom Training) provides knowledge and skills for participants to create a Webpage and design Mobile apps.

Participants will create their own personal or business webpage or landing page, and they will save exorbitant web hosting and domain costs.

Suitable for beginners who are willing to invest some effort into building a stunning webpage.

Participants will also design their mobile apps from scratch without coding.

Designing the Mobile apps by adding content, modules, business logo.

Building the Apps Pages with a different type of Theme and customize the Mobile Apps pages

Finishing and refining the mobile app pages by linking the Mobile Apps with webpage and Google Documents.

Suitable for Marketing and Communication Officer, Teachers, Business Owner, Freelancer, Mobile Apps Developers, Online and Digital Marketers


At the end of Webpage and Mobile apps Design Course for Beginners (Online Zoom Training), participants will have their own webpage or landing page that will be integrated with their mobile apps.

There will have their own mobile apps installed on their mobile phone that is integrated with their webpage and other social media platform too.

The mobile apps will be able to collect database through Google Form too.


Module 1:

How to set up website. Selecting professional designed theme and moving banner. Add dynamic pages

(About. Services, contact). Include powerful apps like web store, blog or calendar

How to add content. Brand website header with company logo. Drag and drop content areas like slideshows, forms and maps. Bring it to life with personal images and videos

Module 2

How to publish and share website. Launch website with a single click. Create a custom domain name to add a little extra polish. Share website masterpiece with family and friends

How to get ready for visitors. Optimize the site with Webs SEO Booster. Learn about traffic and visitors

with the STATS tool. Watch the traffic grow as to make recommended changes

Module 3:

An Introduction to Mobiroller Software. Getting familiar with the website. Understanding Mobiroller marketplace

Master the feature and create apps. Familiarising with the Dashboard. Building Apps page. Build Theme customization

Module 4. Creating Website Apps. Finishing and refining the apps pages. Linking the Mobile Apps with webpage and Google Document