Facebook Marketing Course for Beginners(Classroom / Online Zoom Training) is designed to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills on using Facebook Marketing strategy and executing Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Suitable for Marketing and Communication Officer, Business Owner, Freelancer, Online and Digital Marketers

Course Outcome

At the end of Facebook Marketing Course for Beginners(Classroom), participants will be able to:

1. Develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy as to align with their organization and business objectives and


2. Create a Facebook Page for their Organizations.

3. Interpret Facebook Page Insights Report for future Facebook Marketing Strategy.

4. Understand various Facebook Advertising Objectives such as:

a) Brand Awareness

b) Lead Generation

c) Conversion

5. Make specific decision on deliverables from Ad Set such as

a) Facebook Newsfeed

b) Instagram Newsfeed

c) Sponsored Newsfeed

d) Audience Network

6. Create Facebook Advertising Campaign by defining effective Ad Set variables such as:

a) Bidding

b) Budget

c) Audience Targeting

d) Location

e) Audience Interest

7. Design Facebook Ad Creative such as

a) Creative Videos

b) Single Image Ads

c) Carousel Ads

8. To set up a Facebook Pixel as to measure, optimize and build core audiences with Facebook Audience

Insight Tools for better Ad Targeting.


Module 1:

Marketing on Facebook

a)Introduction of Facebook Marketing Concept and its benefits

b)Set up a Facebook Business Page

c) Set up a Facebook Business Manager or Ad Manager Account

Module 2:

Advertising Camping Objectives

a) To understand the 3 different sets of Objectives for different results

Module 3:

Creating Ad Set

a)Audience: To define who they want to show their ads.

b)Placement: To show their ads to the right people in the right places.

c) Budget & Schedule: Define how much they would like to spend, and when they would like their ads to appear.

Module 4:

Topic 4: Creating Budget & Schedule

a)To Define how much they would like to spend.

b)To Define when they would like their ads to appear.

Module 5:

Creating Ad Name

a)Identity: Choose how they want their business to be represented on their ad.

b)Format: Choose how they would like to structure their ad.

c)Media: Choose an image or video, or create a new video or slideshow using a template. View recommended image specs and video specs.

d)Text & Links: Set up the text and links for their ad

e)Languages: Add their own translations or automatically translate their ad to reach people in more languages

Module 6:

Creating Audience Insight

To Create Audience Insight for better performance through targeted audiences.

Facebook uses native data to show you audience features such as:

a)Age and gender

b)Relationship status

c)Education level

d)Job role

e)Top categories

f)Page likes

g)Top cities

h)Top countries

i)Top languages

j)Frequency of activities

k) Device users

Module 7:

a) How to Create Facebook Pixel.

b)To collects data that helps to track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on the website.