The Objectives of this course is to provide teachers, trainers, facilitators, educators, speakers and lecturers in blended learning, teaching and training delivery mode.

Helping them to create a stunning and creative interesting whiteboard video animation for their presentation tools as to engage with their targeted audiences.

Suitable for managers, supervisors and salespersons in presenting their contents and findings through whiteboard video animation.

Highly recommended for Digital Marketers to use whiteboard video animation as an illustrator for their marketing advertisement tools, as videos will have greater impact in engaging with their potential clients and customers


At the end of Video Animation Course for Beginners (Classroom), participants will be able to:

a) Create stunning animated and explainer videos

b) Edited videos with audio voice-over and background soundtracks

c) Edited videos with morphing tools to animate images

d) Publish animated videos on popular social media platform

Course Content

Module 1:

Introduction to Whiteboard Video Animation Software

1.Downloading software

2.Editing of Animated Video

3.Adding elements: Using library images and text

4.Saving project, save and export option

5.Adding Audio tracks: Voice-over and soundtracks

6.Publishing video,creating and sharing video files

Module 2:

Tuning your Whiteboard Video Animation

1.Moving around the canvas: camera positioning and zooming

2.Importing images: Bringing in external images

3.Adjusting scribe timings: Animate, pause and transition

Module 3:

Enhancing Whiteboard Video Animation

1.Using effects: Drawing effects and filters.

2.Moving elements in Move-in options

Module 4:

Bringing Whiteboard Video Animation

1.Using Morph effects: Moving and transforming images

2.Changing hands: Hands and background